Virtual Admin Assistant

Confidential, Orlando

Virtual Admin Assistant


21-30 hours per week
Year Round

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I am working my Doctor of Philosophy, Counseling Psychology Counseling and finished my Masters in Teaching and Learning with Technology Ashford University (DEC 14 2009) Clinton, Iowa, As well as the fact That I have graduated from Florida Metropolitan University with a degree in Masters in Business Adminstration with a specialty in International Business, in May2006 Bachelor of Science degree In Business Administration. I know you need talented people.I am of the view that the services you provide to your clients and or the various communities are vital; and it would be my privilege to assist in providing services. Beyond my ability to perform the required duties, I possess additional qualities that render me the very best candidate. I am a hard worker who works well with people of diverse backgrounds. I am a team player; as such, I do not limit myself to my duties alone, I am always willing to do what it takes to get the job done, be it during work hours or otherwise.I have a warm and friendly personality which allows me to take a Leadership role

Star Interests

  • StarInternet
  • StarMarketing / PR / Advertising
  • StarNonprofit
  • StarRetail / Wholesale
  • StarSales / Business Development
  • StarSoftware / Technology
  • StarOther

Star Education

  • StarNone Listed

Star Skills

  • StarBlogging
  • StarSales
  • StarScheduling / Phone Calls
  • StarSocial Media
  • StarOdd Jobs / Errands
  • StarClient Relations
  • StarConsumer Research
  • StarBookkeeping


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