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“I am so impressed with the quality of candidates I found on Urban Interns and the ease of using the site. I recommend Urban Interns highly and will definitely use it every time I need a short-term employee or intern. Thank you for providing a much-needed resource for business owners.”

- Lindsey Pollak, Career Advice Author & Consultant,

“We are a growing company that cannot spend a lot of time with the important task of finding great people to join our team. UrbanInterns.com has been a savior. We rely on UrbanInterns.com to help connect us to more ideal candidates since the site gives us the ability to filter based on our needs at any given time. We can search for candidates that can/want to do specific tasks for up to a certain number of hours per week. The candidates on the site are high quality and the person we brought onboard is perfect for us!”

- Ray Madronio, Founder,

"I have an intern from Urban Interns, and it is working out great.! She works about 5-10 hours for me a week, unpaid, from her home. I have no complaints. She is professional and thorough in her research she does for me. I encourage her to ask questions and train her in some areas like selling where she does not feel so comfortable yet. I think it works out great for both us because she can work on her own time and I don't need to supply an office station for her, so it is a win-win situation! Thanks Urban Interns!:)"

-- Stefany Di Manno, Founder, Di Manno Designs

"Being a college student in New York City isn’t easy. Between juggling schoolwork and extracurricular activities, it seemed difficult to obtain a part-time job. I needed a stress free way of finding work for the spring and summer periods.

I discovered Urban Interns through New York University’s Career Services and applied to be a part time assistant for any small business in need of an extra pair of hands. Extremely user-friendly, the site allowed me to choose what time I’d be able to work, the tasks I wanted to accomplish, and whether or not salary is offered. I quickly set up my profile on Urban Interns and within a week, was contacted by a creative architecture firm, Konyk Architecture PC. Collaborating with the architect was simple, as Urban Intern’s messaging system allows for swift and efficient communication. An interview was set up and by the next week, I was performing office management tasks and conducting light journalism projects in order to benefit both the company and exhibit my writing skills. I have been working at Konyk for nearly a month now and enjoy every moment of it.

Urban Interns is exactly what college students need. This easily accessible resource connects professional businesses with students in need of jobs. I am proud to call myself a successful urban intern."

- Sheri Chiu, Urban Intern

"When a colleague emailed me late Friday night about a new product for finding part-time help and interns, I couldn't check out the site quick enough. The very next morning, two candidates contacted me to fulfill my intern needs. My new friends at urbaninterns.com will be helping me to operate my legal and insurance businesses."

- Keith Le Pack, Esq.

“We moved recently from Boston to NY to launch our site called Pixable.com, at the moment we're a small company but need a thousand things to get done, so we've been lokking for a few months for interns that are willing to work at a small company. We tried finding interns through schools and different sites and found it really hard to find qualified candidates. Two weeks ago we posted our first job offer as Marketing Associate on Urban Interns. Since the beginning we were impressed on how easy it was to post a job. By the next day we started getting applications, we were very impressed on how quick applications were coming in, and we were even more impressed by the quality of the applicants. Most of the people we've interviewed for this position come from great schools, have a lot of enthusiasm and energy and are willing to work hard. For us it was really hard to choose our ideal candidate since we found most people were very qualified for this job. For this reason we ended up hiring 2 great candidates who are planning to work with us for the next 3 months. We will definitely continue using Urban Interns and recommend it to any company, small or big, to try this service. You will be amazed by the responses you'll get."

- Inaki Berenguer & Andres Blank, Co-Founders, Pixable.com

“I have been looking for part time work since January 1st with no luck, then I found Urban Interns. It was so easy to created a profile and very simple to navigate around the website. That very same day I found part time work to help pay those never ending bills. Thanks to Urban Interns.”

- Steve Riley, Urban Intern

“As an ambitious student at an Ivy institution, I am always on the lookout for ways to build up my resume. I've tapped into all kinds of resources from my university job searches to career centers, even Craig's List--none match up to the success I have had with Urban Interns. Making a profile was easy enough: upload a resume, pick some interests, some time availabilities. The response? Amazing! Not only did I have easy access to a variety of positions I was specifically interested in, but within weeks, I was actually contacted by different companies and firms who had seen my profile. After a couple of interviews, I found a place that provided me with an arena to find experience, to learn and to develop my passions.”

- Ting Ting Guo, Urban Intern

Star Case Studies

Have you heard of PFF Entertainment (www.sexyslang.com)? This five year old company is a force to be reckoned with. First, they brought us the Sexy Slang party games, which you may have seen on a recent trip to Barnes & Noble. Then, they launched an apparel line on sale at Kohls and, soon, at Walmart. They have iPhone applications, a book deal, a movie treatment circulating around Hollywood, and a TV show in the works.

Not only are they an incredible company, they've completely embraced the Urban Interns philosophy. They have no employees, are 100 percent outsourced and rely heavily on interns. In a recent conversation with Co-Founder Ted Scofield, he told us that he hired two Urban Interns with a possible third in the works.

Now employers, listen up: Ted and his business partner have been living the virtual business model for years. Finding interns used to be time consuming and inefficient. Luckily, Urban Interns has simplified things and made the process of connecting with talent much easier.

One piece of Ted's story is definitely worth highlighting as it echoes what you've been hearing from the Urban Interns Team.

An internship is a two way street. Even if you don't plan on making your intern an employee, there are a lot of other ways to provide compensation - A small stipend, meaningful experience, mentorship, and an honest effort in helping them find the job of their dreams. Because, as Ted points out, your interns may decide to go pursue a different path, but treat them well and they'll keep an eye out for you.

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