Featured Urban Intern: Jonathan Jackson

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Want to learn more about the types of talented folks you’ll meet on Urban Interns? Meet our latest featured Urban Intern, Jonathan Jackson!

We asked Jonathan a few questions about his experiences with Urban Interns. Here’s what he has to say:

Why did you choose Urban Interns?

There are a plethora of sites that present internships and employers in a variety of ways. Urban Interns was the first one I saw that made a concerted effort to tailor the interests of the interns to the needs of the company through a succinct and easy to manage interface. Employers on Urban Interns have real business needs and things that need to be addressed, and they are looking for intuitive and enterprising students to rise to the challenge.

What type of internship are you looking for?

I am looking for the type of internship where I can add value to a company by utilizing the skills and talents I am consistently honing and refining. I think nowadays, students are often too anxious to find an “notable” internship with a brand name company that can validate their resume. I am responsible for the brand of Jonathan Jackson, so I consciously seek experiences and opportunities that will help me improve and grow as an individual and as a professional, much like a company seeks to manage its own brand. I want to find that fit, and have the relationship be one of mutual growth and ideation for both parties.

Describe the kind of internship experience you want:

I am looking for an internship experience with a company that is invested in my development and utilizes my potential to address business needs. I believe I have the ability to communicate well both in both a written context and in interpersonal arenas. My experiences are tailored towards the intersection of social media, branding, and creating content that engages and inspires.

Why would you be a great intern?

I believe entrepreneurial spirit, insatiable hunger for progress, and work ethic are what makes me a great intern. I do not look at myself as just an intern. I look at myself as an employee. I want to add value wherever I go, and progress continually. I am also unafraid to inquire, because everyone at some point was an intern with a dream and needed information.

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