Meet Our Latest Featured Urban Intern: Jerry Adams

Friday, October 19th, 2012

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Want to learn more about these types of talented folks? Meet our latest featured Urban Intern, Jerry Adams!

We asked Jerry a few questions about his experiences with Urban Interns. Here’s what he has to say:

What type of internship are you looking for?

I am currently looking for an internship that will help me grow as a visual artist and to gain experience in the professional design and fine arts industries. I bring enthusiasm to learn and work hard to achieve whatever challenge is set before me. I thrive in an environment of responsibility and encourage challenges outside of my knowledge and skill set. I am looking for an internship that will help me gain more knowledge in the commercial creative field with the end goal of becoming an Art Director.

How does your college education make you ready for employment?

With my experience at San Francisco State University studying Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography, I have grown as a visual designer. Instilled within the degree I am working on allows the opportunity to learn both digital and print medias as well as design components such as typography and commercial design and display.

Why would you be a great intern?

I have experience working in freelance visual design for clients in San Francisco and the Central Valley. As a teenager I started design concert flyers and posters for shows around our area. As my interest grew in design I moved on to more complicated projects such as commercial retail flyer, album cover design/concept, and print media. Throughout my entire work experience I have learned that everyone is important and people should be treated as such no matter how trying or difficult a day may be. With my education and experience I hope to bring a productive and comfortable environment to your company and I would try my hardest to exceed employee expectations.

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