Hiring An Intern? Who’s The Best Intern Hire For 2012

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

This guest post is by Justin & Dreama Lee, co-founders of InternProfits.com.

In 2012 we’re poised to see more students than ever before looking for an internship, and a record number of companies looking to either improve, or start, an internship program.

A lot of organizations are perfectly capable of hiring an intern within their area of expertise: accounting firms hire accounting interns, legal firms offer internships to the next round of “would be” attorneys, and TV and film companies are always ready to hire their next round of interns.

But what about other organizations and businesses? How do they know what interns they should be hiring? What are the top internships for 2012?

What are the internships that are going to drive more leads, more sales, more revenue, and more profit for you organization?

In reality, aren’t those the best types of internships? The kind that when the intern is finished, they’ve contributed to the growth of the organization, and had a rewarding and fulfilling experience? The type of internship that lets the intern walk away with a portfolio of work that they can be proud of?

The type of internship that would inspire the company to hire them because of all of the fantastic results that they’ve achieved?

Next week, on Thursday February 9th at 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm GMT we’re hosting a special webinar for the entire Urban Interns community. The topic of the webinar is “The Top 3 Interns Every Organization Must Have”, and it’s perfectly timed to set up 2012 as your best year ever.

We’ve selected this topic because not only do these “Top 3” internships help you grow your organization, but also because the 3 internships are hot! In other words, when you post these positions, motivated, skilled applicants are excited about taking on these projects at your organization.

We love these three internships for a number of reasons:

  1. They instantly help you grow your company and your brand
  2. They can be offered no matter what type of organization your run (for profit, non-profit, or government agency)
  3. They can be offered no matter where your organization is located (these are perfect for virtual interns, so even if you work from home as a “solopreneur” this strategy will still work for you)
  4. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business (so whether you’re an established company or a brand new start up, you can implement this)
  5. Interns across the planet are absolutely dying to take any one of the 3 internships (so it makes your job of attracting a high quality candidate that much easier)

We’ll be revealing the three internships on a special webinar Thursday, February 9th, and the best news yet is that there’s no cost to attend this training. Simply register here and we’ll save a spot for you.

We will also be sharing with you some real life case studies of former interns, how they impacted our company, and what similar interns can do for you.

We’ll “see” you on the webinar next week, and we’ll even open it up for live Q&A at the end.

Justin & Dreama Lee are the co-founders of InternProfits.com where they show other business owners how to find, hire & manage interns to grow their business. To reserve your spot on their special webinar, please click here. You can also watch a great video they had created below:

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