Wei, New York

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31+ hours per week
Year Round

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I am interested in an entry level accounting position in your company and would like to be open to any form of opportunities:

  • Comfortable with working as an unpaid intern initially, to prove myself qualified for a full-time paid position, if that is preferable to you

  • Willing to travel throughout the US for out-of-town engagements

  • OK for relocation to any cities inside US

As an accounting major at New Jersey City University (GPA 3.95), I have found that I am fully prepared to accounting work. Besides, I am preparing CPA exams for better understand accounting issues under U.S. GAAP and IFRS.

If given the chance, I am confident that I can further explain how my unique combination of skills and experience will serve you and your company, both in the near term and in the years ahead. Enclosed please find a copy of my resume, job references and additional information on my qualifications.

Star Interests

  • StarAccounting / Finance

Star Education

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  • StarNone Listed

Star Skills

  • StarClient Relations
  • StarBusiness Development
  • StarBookkeeping


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