Detail Oriented and Experienced Marketing Rep

Michael, Other

Detail Oriented and Experienced Marketing Rep


31+ hours per week
Year Round

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I have an eclectic work history with a strong background engaging customers and the general public in promotions and marketing events. I also have customer and business to business sales experience. A strong work ethic, along with my confidence allows me to be able to speak professionally to individuals of any level. In prior positions, I was entrusted with resolving complicated customer service issues because of my ability to handle tense situations. Good organization skills and time management skills ensure that daily activities are done on time. Finally, my high proficiency with technology and the Internet integrate efficient communication to everyone and the ability to learn and utilize any software quickly. My resume will highlight my many achievements in prior positions.

Star Interests

  • StarMarketing / PR / Advertising

Star Education

  • University of Wisconsin Rock County Other 2006
  • University of Phoenix BA/BS 2010
    Business Marketing

Star Skills

  • StarBlogging
  • StarEmail Marketing
  • StarEvents
  • StarGraphic Design
  • StarSales
  • StarSocial Media
  • StarOdd Jobs / Errands
  • StarGeneral Administration
  • StarClient Relations
  • StarBusiness Development
  • StarOrganizing
  • StarConsumer Research
  • StarPR / Marketing


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