Physics/Computer Science Whiz

Spencer, San Francisco

Physics/Computer Science Whiz


31+ hours per week
Year Round

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I'm an honors graduate in Physics (graduating this year). That's given me a lot of experience in working on tough analytical problems, which has given me the ability to solve just about any mathematical problem you throw at me.

I also have substantial programming experience, as I worked on a statistical analysis of Hubble Telescope data using a blend of C and Python scripts.

I'm totally comfortable in an office environment, great with the full suite of Microsoft Office products, and I'm excited to work for you! I'd love to work in an exciting, engaging environment where I can work the long hours on tough problems.

Star Interests

  • StarInternet
  • StarSoftware / Technology
  • StarAccounting / Finance

Star Education

  • Northwestern University BA/BS 2011
    Physics (with honors)

Star Skills

  • StarBlogging
  • StarSocial Media
  • StarOdd Jobs / Errands
  • StarGeneral Administration
  • StarStrategic Analysis
  • StarFinancial Analysis
  • StarWeb Development


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