Detail Oriented Computer Literate Writer

Doug, Other

Detail Oriented Computer Literate Writer


31+ hours per week
Year Round

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I am a detail oriented computer literate writer that has spent most of my adult life as a musician, which had me in many different cultural situations including performing with master drummers of Korea and grammy winning artists on cruise ships. As part of my current goal of settling down in Denver, Colorado, I would like to spend the time I don't spend on music as a problem solver which is why I am submitting my information to this website.

Star Interests

  • StarTV / Film / Video
  • StarSoftware / Technology
  • StarSales / Business Development
  • StarPublishing
  • StarMarketing / PR / Advertising
  • StarInternet
  • StarEducation
  • StarArt / Media / Design
  • StarAccounting / Finance

Star Education

  • StarNone Listed

Star Skills

  • StarBlogging
  • StarEmail Marketing
  • StarSocial Media
  • StarOdd Jobs / Errands
  • StarConsumer Research
  • StarPR / Marketing
  • StarFinancial Analysis


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