Eclectic Adept Freelancer

Lauren-Ashley, New York

Eclectic Adept Freelancer


31+ hours per week
Year Round

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I was born and raised in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY, half Sicilian half Russian and I am certainly a quirky person! lol A few of my hobbies are reading, specifically non fiction and I love to especially do my own research on different types of cultures and religious beliefs. Also, writing in my journal and scrap booking all my memories is another pastime I enjoy very much as well.  Spending time on the weekends with my family and fiance is most important to me. I am currently in school to be an EMT and am aspiring to become a Helicopter Paramedic.

I also have an immense capability of knowing how to perpetrate the interest of all types of people. That is certainly one of the perks of being a great people person, of which I pride myself on being.My dream is to just make a difference, even it's a small one. I want to dedicate my life to helping and saving others. Maybe I could make a little mark in this big wonderful world of ours!

Star Interests

  • StarEducation
  • StarInternet
  • StarSales / Business Development
  • StarFood / Beverage / Hospitality
  • StarEvent Planning
  • StarMarketing / PR / Advertising
  • StarRetail / Wholesale
  • StarAccounting / Finance
  • StarHealth / Beauty

Star Education

  • StarNone Listed

Star Skills

  • StarEmail Marketing
  • StarEvents
  • StarScheduling / Phone Calls
  • StarSocial Media
  • StarOdd Jobs / Errands
  • StarGeneral Administration
  • StarClient Relations
  • StarOrganizing
  • StarConsumer Research
  • StarPR / Marketing
  • StarBookkeeping


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