How it Works

How it Works

Urban Interns connects growing companies with people seeking part time jobs, internships and freelance positions.

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Urban Interns is the #1 resource for finding part-time help, interns and freelancers. Our site is a low-cost, high quality way to easily find and connect with top talent. Think of us as the better Craigs List in the hiring space, and your outsourced talent pipeline.

How do you use Urban Interns?

  • Post A Job: Like other job boards, when you post a job, your open position becomes visible to candidates searching our site for opportunities. Interested candidates can then apply to you directly through our messaging platform, which gives you the option to keep your contact information private (take this part out). We also promote your job through our social media channels (Twitter and Facebook) to bring greater visibility to your company and open position.
  • Search our Database of Candidates: Unlike most job boards where you can only post a job, Urban Interns also gives you the ability to search our database of INSANELY talented candidates. You can review bios, resumes, video and social media profiles. When you post a job , you automatically get 30 days of unlimited access to the database, and vice versa.
  • Connect. Found some folks you like in the database? Receiving interesting applications to your job post? Communicate with an unlimited number of candidates through our messaging platform. Your personal information remains private until you choose to disclose it.

Ready to get started? Here’s how.

StarFor Urban Interns

If you’re looking for a part time job, internship or freelance position at a growing company, look no further. With your Urban Interns account, you can:

  • Create Your Profile: Employers will be searching for you as much as you’re searching for them. Your profile is your chance to tell them why you’re right for their job. Great profiles = great opportunities, so take the time to write a bio, upload a resume and photo. You can also add a video and social media links to your profile.
  • Apply for Jobs: Once you have your profile, go ahead and search for a job…or twenty. With Urban Interns, you can apply to an unlimited number of jobs.
  • Pricing: It's Free! Enough said.