Frequently Asked Questions

StarFAQs: Employers (for Job-Seekers, see below)

Who are the Urban Interns?

Urban Interns are college students, college grads, young professional, experienced freelancers. They are smart, savvy and definitely who you want to help you grow your business. There are many profiles of Urban Interns, as we know you have a variety of needs. What do they all have in common? They are all looking for part-time work, freelance and internship opportunities. Plus, they are all 18 or older and are enrolled in or have completed college.

I LOVE IT… So, how does this site work?

Urban Interns was created to make the process of finding and hiring part-time help easy. You can post a job and have Urban Interns respond to you directly, or search our database to contact your ideal candidate. If you post a job, you automatically get 30 days of unlimited access to the Urban Interns database and vice versa. In fact, we encourage you to do both. Once you find someone who fits the bill, we leave it to you to set the parameters of your working relationship, i.e. the specific tasks, the duration of the assignment, the amount and frequency of payment. Urban Interns don’t work for us—they work for you. We promise to continuously provide you tools and reference materials on our Blog to keep you up to date on how to manage and maximize your relationship with your Urban Intern. However, Urban Interns is not an agency, so please be sure to contact your accountant and lawyer for advice on the proper arrangement that will work for your business.

What tasks can I ask an Urban Intern to do?

The question really is: what do you need assistance with? Administrative help? Updating your blog or e-newsletter? Online research? Running some errands? PR? On the Find an Urban Intern and Post a Job pages, we’ve given you some ideas of the types of tasks that come to mind, but that’s really just a starting place.

I’ve found several Urban Interns who look great. Now what?

You can reach out to candidates directly via our internal messaging platform (and don’t worry, they won’t see your personal email, nor will you be able to see theirs). If you decide to take it the next step, you can exchange personal contact info and set up an interview. During the interview and in order to evaluate if an individual is right for you, we suggest that you very clearly state the tasks you are looking for help with and the rate you’re offering.

How can I verify the trustworthiness of my Urban Intern?

A number of ways. You can review the links they’ve posted to their profile, including LinkedIn, Twitter, video bio, and personal websites. Ask for references and do a reference check. Find out where your prospective Urban Intern worked before, and who you can speak with about their performance.

What cities is Urban Interns in?

We currently have job seekers in these cities, and we’re adding new cities every month, so keep checking back! If you don’t see your city listed here, consider hiring a virtual Urban Intern – perfect for the space-constrained business owner, and many job seekers love the ability to work from home.

This site is great… What’s the fee to use it?

We have multiple plans and pricing for every type of business. Each level of paid account grants you unlimited database access, including bios, resume view/download, social media links, video bios, and personal website links. The plans vary as follows:

  • Bronze: $49.95: 1 job post + 30 day unlimited database access
  • Silver: $99.95: 3 job posts + 30 day unlimited database access
  • Gold: $149.95: 5 job posts + 30 day unlimited database access
If you'd like to try out Urban Interns for 1 day, you can also select our Free Trial option, which offers 24 hours of unlimited database access. To get started, click here.

After 30 days, your account will be automatically renewed unless you cancel auto renew.

With your paid account, you also get access to the Urban Interns job marketing engine. During the week following your post, we’ll tweet it out to our Twitter following. We’ll also selectively include job posts in our and in our job seeker newsletter. Email us at if you either want or don’t want your job included in these channels.

What Does the Free Employer Trial Include?

Want to try before you buy? The Free Employer Trial is designed to give you a quick taste of the Urban Interns experience. You’ll have 24 hours of access to the database (excluding resume view/download). Send and receive as many messages as you like during that time. Yes,it usually takes longer than 24 hours to find and hire an Urban Intern, but after using the site for one day, we’re sure you’ll see that it’s worth your time and money to continue using Urban Interns. To get started, click here. You must create an account on Urban Interns to take part in the Trial. To get started, click here.

What does the auto renewal mean?

Your Urban Interns account is on a monthly billing cycle. Each billing cycle starts on the date of your payment and ends 30 days thereafter. Canceling auto renewal before your billing cycle ends will not delete your account or remove your database access privileges during that 30 days. If you stop auto-renew on your account, your credit card will not be charged at the end of your billing cycle, and your account (both jobs and database access) will remain active through the end of your billing cycle. You can cancel your auto renewal when you are logged in, under Settings.

What’s the difference between a published and an unpublished job?

A published job is posted to the site and is immediately visible to job seekers in the job search results. When you purchase 3 or 5 jobs, you do not need to use all of the jobs at once. You can use the post at a later time (within the 30 days of your account) or write a draft post and save it your account to be ‘published’ when you’re ready.

What’s an Employer Profile?

An Employer Profile allows paying employers to tell job seekers a little more about your company outside of what’s in the job description. It’s great for candidates, because it lets them do a little more research before applying to your jobs. We encourage you to post as much information here as possible: areas for video links, social media links, and website links are all provided. Of course, we know that many of you are in stealth mode or are otherwise uncomfortable sharing your hiring plans with the world, so the Employer Profile is not required.

How do Urban Interns find out about the site?

A number of ways. We have strategic relationships with career service departments and student organizations at top notch universities like Columbia, NYU, MIT, etc. We’ve been featured in top tier press, and we do many other forms of targeted marketing. So, in short, there is a wide variety of Urban Intern profiles on the site. It’s really a question of who makes the most sense for your business.

What about the Money Back Guarantee?

We are so convinced that you’ll be satisfied with what you find on Urban Interns that we have a Money Back Guarantee. If you cannot find at least 3 qualified candidates, we’ll give you your first month’s money back. How to redeem? Email us at

StarFor Urban Interns


What are the qualifications to register?

You must be at least 18 years of age, and a college student or college graduate. That’s it.

Is there a fee to sign up?

It’s free to post your profile, and to contact employers regarding job postings on the site. But, want to supercharge your profile? For $12.95, you can sign up for Urban Interns Premium which grants you a highlighted listing within search results for maximum visibility with employers. To sign up and get started, click here.

Who can view my profile and contact me?

Any user of Urban Interns can view your profile. Only Free Trial and paying employers on Urban Interns (see above for details) can view your social media links/video bio/personal website link and contact you. Only paying employers can view/download your resume. Likewise, your first/last name is only visible to paying employers, unless you specify that you want to keep it private when you fill out your profile.

I’d be happy to help out around an office or run some errands, but doing laundry isn’t for me.

No problem. When you sign up on the website, you can specify which particular tasks you’re interested in doing.

Who pays me?

The people who hire you do. You will work for them (either as an employee or independent contractor, as you both decide) not for Urban Interns.

How can I increase my chances of getting contacted by an employer?

Here are some do’s and don’ts:

  • DO upload a photo of yourself.
  • DO upload your resume.
  • DO include your social media links, a video bio and a personal website if you have them and you’re comfortable sharing with prospective employers.
  • DO put specific expertise and types of roles you’re seeking in your bio. But don’t make your bio longer than 1-2 paragraphs…keep it to the point.
  • DO be open to unpaid opportunities. They can be great ways to network, and they can often lead to paid positions.
  • DON’T make your username unprofessional. Remember that because your name and contact info are protected until you reveal them, your username is the first thing employers see about you.
  • And probably most importantly: DON’T wait for employers to come to you! Reach out to employers about specific jobs.

***Urban Interns is not an agency. While the above represents some of the feedback we’ve heard from employers on our site, we do not guarantee that following these guidelines will land you an interview.

For more information, contact us at